10 original ways to give a second life to an old piece of furniture by transforming it

We often store our old furniture in the garage or in the basement, thinking that one day, we will have to get rid of it. We cover them with large blankets or tarps, and we end up forgetting about them.

Yet these old pieces of furniture can still be useful: we can give them a second life. Of course, you have to sand them, paint them and sometimes even cut some parts, but the efforts invested are really worth it.

Whether some old desk drawers or chest of drawers, lockers, headboards, louvered doors, cabinet doors, all can be recycled and transformed into beautiful furniture.

To inspire you, we present 10 models of old furniture that have undergone a metamorphosis are now unrecognizable. With these ideas, you will surely want to restore your furniture.

Most of these projects are relatively simple to do. Dust off your old furniture, take out some paint, brushes, a sandblaster and some other tools, and get involved in the recycling of your old furniture. image : pinterest

1. Louvered door: 

By any chance, have you kept an old louvered door? If that’s the case, you’ll be glad you did not get rid of it. It will now be used as a window box for your herbs.

Unless it is badly damaged, you can leave it to its natural state, which will give it an old-fashioned look. Hang the louver door on a kitchen wall, and hang your pots on the battens. image: pinterest

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2. Office drawers and dresser: 

What to do with old desk drawers and dressers? You simply use them to plant and grow your cacti and other tasty herbs. Inside the drawers, you put cut ends on a tarp.

You then fill the drawers with small rocks, and put in your hebs. As this species requires very little water, you will not damage your drawers. image: pinterest

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3. Headboard: 

We can not do much with an old headboard, and we would rather get rid of it. Yet this accessory can easily turn into a coat rack.

To do this, you first start by sanding it and you then paint it by giving at least two coats. Then, you screw on the hooks, and you can install the coat rack on the wall of the vestibule. image: myrepurposedlife

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4. Metal lockers: 

Old metal lockers have probably been replaced by new ones, but be aware that they can be given a second life. Indeed, how about turning them into a pretty bench?

It’s very simple, you’ll see. We first start by painting them using spray paint. On the top, we can install a large board which is then covered with a comfortable cushion. image: pinterest

5. Bedroom furniture: 

We never have enough room for storage, do we? However, by recycling some old bedroom furniture, one can maximize the space. After some repainting, we then remove the drawers from the bottom, and we put baskets.

With the same furniture, you can also make a toy box. Only keep the bottom drawer, with the legs obviously. Then sand it, and paint it with the color of your choice. image: twoityourself

6. Recycling a piece of furniture with lace: 

If your bedroom furniture is still in good condition, why not recycle it and give it a second life? It is a very simple project to do, which consists first of all in sandblasting and repainting that piece of furniture in shades of gray.

You then remove the drawers and handles, and with some glue, you stick on some lace. The result is superb, and your furniture will now have a very chic look. image: uniquelychicfurniture

7. Cupboard doors: 

They might have been pretty many years ago, but old cabinet doors are simply not attractive anymore. Old-fashioned, we only think of throwing them away. However, we can still use them in a way that will surprise you.

If you paint them in white, for example, using acrylic paint, and at the place where the pattern was applied you then apply chalkboard paint, you will get a blackboard for the kitchen. image: pinterest

8. Vertical filing cabinet with 4 drawers: 

You probably would not have thought of it, but an old 4-drawer vertical filing cabinet that still hangs in your garage can also be useful. You first need to remove the drawers, and repaint them with spray paint.

Once the paint dries, turn the file on its side, the empty spaces of the drawers up. Then, inside, you can store your gardening tools. image: pinterest

9. Princely armchair: 

By discovering what this old dresser has become, you will fall backwards. Yes, we made it a princely chair. The first three top drawers were removed, and only the sides and the bottom drawer were kept.

The chair was then repainted, and the handles changed to newer ones. On the last drawer, we put a board, also painted of the same color. Finally, a comfortable cushion was installed. image: createinspire

10. Wooden box: 

Do you like  stretching your legs on an Ottoman when watching TV? Well, know that with a wooden crate, you can make one. You screw on 4 legs under the body and inside you put a thick cushion. If desired, you add a handle.

And if you do not have a wooden crate but have an old drawer, you can also use it to change it into an Ottoman. image: beyondthepicketfence

source: diyideescreatives