11 great ideas for reusing big cans of coffee!

11 empty coffee cans, whether plastic or metal, can be recycled and reused in many ways. Not knowing what we can do with them, we do not think about keeping them, and out of habit, we throw them into the recycling bin.

However, these coffee cans can be so useful in the house, especially since their lifespan is not limited to just a few months! But what can be done with these boxes?

In fact, there are a lot of possibilities, but we propose 11 of them that you will surely enjoy. For example, you can use them to store your plastic bags, to make a gift, composting, or to hide the toilet brush.

If you like to tinker, you can even turn your coffee boxes into a pretty snowman, a lamp, a container for your bulk food, storage boxes for the office, etc.

Take a few minutes to look at these 11 ways to reuse them, and I bet you’ll start picking them up now.

1. Storage box for plastic bags:

Plastic bags that we buy for trash and that we have to change often, or those that are given to us in the shops for our purchases are always mixed-up in a drawer.

To solve this problem, you can turn a coffee container into a storage box. Just make a hole in the lid, and put the bags in the box. If desired, it can also be painted in white or any other color. image : pinterest

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2. Toilet brush:

Although it is very useful and even essential for washing the toilet bowl, we do not like that the brush is exposed to the sight of all. To hide it, a box of coffee will do just fine.

First drill a hole in the lid, just big enough for the brush handle to come out. Then cover the box with self-adhesive decorative paper or wallpaper. image : recyclingtoday

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3. Piggy bank:

Children love to put their money in miniature banks that usually takes the form of a little pig. If it is not possible to turn a box of coffee into a pig, you can still make a pretty piggy bank.

The project is very simple and consists first of all in covering the box of self-adhesive decorative paper. Then you have to make a slot on the lid and then, to make the piggy bank more attractive, you can glue decorative paper. image : lilluna

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4. Composting:

If you’re into composting, you must go out every night to throw your garbage in the compost bin. When it’s very cold, you probably do not want to get dressed, or put your boots on to get to the compost box, right?

With an empty coffee box, you can do your composting simply by putting your leftovers in the house. To avoid odors, simply place the box on the balcony. image : thriftyfun

5. Small lamp:

An empty coffee box can also be turned into an original lamp or a night light. To complete this project, you must drill holes in the box’s outline and at the bottom of the box.

Then you spray paint the box using the color of your choice, and you let it dry according to the time indicated on the container. Inside the box, you put a set of white lights or a LED candle. image : pinterest

6. Ornamental flowerpot:

Do you want to offer a plant as a gift? If so, make your present more attractive by making a pot holder with an empty metal coffee tin. Cover it with self-adhesive decorative paper first.

Then transfer the pot containing the plant into the coffee box. Add a little decorative touch by tying a pretty red loop around the jar, and stick a label with the name of the person for whom the gift is intended.  image : onecrazyhouse

7. Decorative snowman:

With a coffee box, you can make a beautiful Christmas decoration in the form of a snowman. At first, spray some white paint on the box and allow it to dry.

With black felt, make a hat and place it on the top of the box. On each side, stick black pompoms. Paint pink cheekbones, trace a mouth, eyes and eyebrows with a black marker, and glue a drawn carrot cut from some orange cardboard. For the scarf, tie a strip of fabric at the bottom. image : pinterest

8. Food container for bulk food:

If you need containers to store your bulk food, remember to get some cans of coffee. Once the interior is thoroughly cleaned and dried, cover the boxes with a paper sticker.

Then store your loose food inside each box. Next, to identify the contents, cut out letters on paper stickers and paste them directly onto the box. image : pinterest

9. Gift for the baby shower:

Were you invited to a baby shower and your budget did not allow you to spend a fortune to offer a gift? If this is the case, you will greatly appreciate this idea. Collect a coffee box and glue decorative paper with a child motif.

Inside the box, put shampoo and baby cream, as well as a few small towels or other accessories for the baby shower. A nice loop tied around the box will make your present even more beautiful. image : onecrazyhouse

10. Storage for the office:

To store pencils, pens, letters and other office accessories, plastic coffee boxes will be very useful. You only have to drill a small hole and fix them on the wall.

You can also decorate them by covering them with decorative paper stickers. And if you want to identify them, print big letters and stick them on your boxes. Alternatively, you can also edit them with a patterned paper template, which you can easily find on the web and then print. image : craftandrepeat

11. Wine bottle stand:

How about a wine stand to store your bottles? Good idea? Stick two on the first row, three on the second, two on the third, and so on. image : realsimple

source: homehacks