11 Practical Tips to Prepare Effectively for Winter

Whether one likes winter or not, it always ends up showing up, and brings with it its share of inconveniences. The cold, snow, ice, shoveling, de-icing stairs and sidewalks, snow removal of the car, this is what we have during the cold season.

On the other hand, if we are well prepared, it will be much easier for us to face winter. Before its arrival, it is therefore necessary to take advantage of everything in order to plan and put everything into place. By preparing in advance, we will not be caught off guard.

What exactly is a good preparation for winter? Practical tips that will help you reduce heating costs and prevent falls and injuries.

If you follow all the advice we are suggesting, you’ll save money, protect your skin from the cold and learn how to get out of trouble quickly if your car gets stuck in the snow or on the ice.

And because winter is synonymous with flu, you might just not catch it. image: builditsolar

1. Skin:

If you practice winter sports, or plan to stay outdoors for several minutes, do not forget to protect your skin. The freezing cold combined with the heat of your house heating system has adverse effects on your skin.
To avoid damaging it and making sure it remains as soft as that of a baby, take a bath with a mixture of baking food (soda) and baby oil. image: health.onehowto

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2. Car:

In winter, when you drive your car, you are exposed to certain risks including the one of being caught in a snow bank or on a patch of ice. To get out of this annoying situation, plan in advance.
For example, keep a winter car mat in the trunk, or use the one already in your car. So if your car refuses to advance on a plate of ice or on the snow, then you will only have to put the carpet under a wheel. source: Sporty’s Tool Shop / Buzzfeed

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3. Humidifier:

In winter, all the windows are closed, and the heating is on all day long. As a result, we breathe with more difficulty, our skin dries up and more snoring sounds are perceptible during the night!
On the other hand, if you install a humidifier in one of the rooms of the house, especially in your bedroom, your nasal passages will clear up, your skin will hydrate and you will also preserve your wooden furniture. image: dansnotremaison

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4. Ice Melt:

Do not take the risk of fracturing a limb with a bad fall on the ice. As soon as some ice is formed, apply an ice melt which you can make at home rather than buy it.
To do this, mix 1.9 liters of hot water, 6 drops of dish soap and 60ml of isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol. Pour this mixture directly onto the ice patches. source: WYFF News 4

5. Windows:

The cold penetrates through windows, especially when the outside temperature is very cold. To keep the heat inside the house, which can go down from 3 to 5 ° C, use this solution.
It consists of putting bubble wrap on the windows, which you will stick to the window by spraying water. This simple trick will save you money on your electricity bill. image: builditsolar

6. Boots:

We can’t help but wear boots during the winter season. But when we go inside the house and they are full of snow, it melts with the heat of the house and flows on the floor.
To avoid these small damages, get cheap aluminum trays. Install them near the front door, and put pebbles in them. By melting, the snow will flow into the trays. source: Dollar store crafts / Buzzfeed

7. Bike:

Do you belong to this category of people who use their bike even during the winter? You have adopted a good habit because it allows you to exercise and save on gasoline.
However, riding a bicycle in the snowy and icy streets carries some risks. You could actually skid and fall. To avoid an accidental animal, attach self-locking fasteners to your tires. image: Dutch bike co. / Buzzfeed

8. Tuques and mittens:

When the family has more than one member, tuques, scarves and mittens are numerous. But what happens when children come into the house? They undress and stack their clothes in the vestibule.
To avoid having to pick up mittens and tuques all the time, attach a plastic storage bag with several compartments near the front door. image: A thoughtful place / Buzzfeed

9. Wet clothes:

When it snows, kids love to play outside. They can even spend hours without getting bored. On the other hand, when they enter the house, their clothes are wet.
To dry them, use shower rings that you will fix onto a small curtain rod. By suspending tuques, gloves, mittens and wet scarves, they will dry much faster. image: Homegrown & Healthy / Buzzfeed

10. Air drafts:

Drafts can seep under doors, especially in older homes. There is therefore a heat loss which has the effect of driving up the heating bill.
To block these drafts, the solution is very simple, and it consists of simply using pool noodles. You first cut them to the desired length, cover them with fabric, then install them at the bottom of the door. (See the video).

11. Transmission of influenza:

In the winter, the flu makes its annual arrival, and as soon as a member of the family catches it, the others are then likely to be contaminated . To prevent the spread of the virus, do not let your used tissues hang around.

When you have emptied a box of tissue paper, attach it with elastics to another box of tissue paper. Do not forget to wash your hands regularly.

source : tiphero