11 Tips for warming your home without raising your heating bill!

During the winter season, we have no choice but to heat the house, especially when the outside temperature falls below freezing. Unfortunately, the utilities do not take into account our budget and every year we experience an increase.

The heating bill actually costs more and more every year, but we still have to pay it every month. If we have no power over the tariff, we can change our habits or adopt new ones to lower the electricity bill.

Obviously, it’s not a question of turning down the heat to the point of freezing inside the house, but simply to use certain tips and tricks. Sometimes, you just need a little change here and there to keep the heat in the house, without having to turn up the thermostat to its maximum.

By following the 11 tips below, and buying a few accessories, you could save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

1. Closing the curtains at night:

By passing your hands near the windows, you will find that you can easily feel the cold through them. At night, the temperature drops several degrees, and when it’s freezing cold outside, you have to increase the heat.

To avoid losing the heat stored during the day, close the curtains and blinds as soon as the sun goes down. In addition, if your curtains are “thermal”, the heat of the sun will keep the curtains warm longer and make the rooms also warmer.

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2. Opening curtains during daytime:

As soon as you get up, go around the house and rush to open the curtains and blinds of all windows, especially if the sun is up. With its rays, it will warm up the rooms.

And even if the weather is gloomy, still open your curtains. During winter, the lack of luminosity affects our body. The light of day can only be beneficial to you.

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3. Caulking and insulation of windows:

To prevent cold from getting through windows, caulk them with a product (foam tape, silicone tape or metal seal) designed specifically for this purpose. Even if it means a small expense, you will not lose because it will cost you less for heating. image: construiremamaison

Put the odds on your side by also insulating your windows, especially if they are old and / or unused. Use bubble wrap that you will stick to windows by spraying a little water. image: ebay

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4. Bathroom door:

When you take a shower, you usually use hot water. So you’d better leave the door open. That way, the heat that emanates from water vapors will spread throughout the house.

Obviously, if you have children at home, you can not take a shower with the door open, that goes without saying. But when you come out of the shower, open the door wide. The remaining hot water vapors will still provide some heat to the other rooms.

5. Installing a carpet :

If you live in a house that is several years old or in an old apartment, there is a good chance that the floor will let in air, causing heat loss.

By placing carpets in the rooms, you will kill two birds with one stone: the heat will not escape through the floors and when you get up in the morning, your feet will not land on a cold floor.

6. Heat of the stove:

Do not run the stove unnecessarily because you will not really save money on your electricity bill. However, every time you have to use your stove, remember this trick.
After cooking your dishes, remove them from the oven and turn off the appliance leaving the door open. The heat released by the oven will spread in the kitchen and warm it. image: angelopo

7. Hot water bottle:

You probably do not know about this trick, but when you read it, you will adopt it. You probably hate to slip under cold blankets, do you? So here is the perfect solution, a bottle of hot water.
Every night, heat a water bottle in the microwave for a few seconds and place it under your sheets. It will keep you warm, and also warm your sheets. image: flickr.com

8. Doors of unused rooms :

Minimize heating in rooms you do not use, in order to not waste too much energy. Otherwise, you risk raising your electricity bill unnecessarily.

On the other hand, by lowering the thermostat of certain rooms, it is absolutely necessary to avoid leaving the doors of these rooms open, otherwise, the cold will spread in the other heated rooms. So close the doors of unused rooms.

9. Ceiling fan direction:

Do you have a ceiling fan? If so, you probably would not have thought it could save you money on heating during the winter season.

Yes, by reversing the direction of the blades of your fan, this will have the effect of raising the air upwards. Therefore, the bottom of the room where the fan is installed will heat up.

10. Programmable thermostat:

If there is money you could spend to avoid wasting heat unnecessarily during winter, it is the purchase of a programmable thermostat. The investment is well worth it.

By programming the thermostat when you’re away from home and lowering the temperature a few degrees, you could save up to 10% on your bill.

11. Flannel sheets:

Have you thought about getting flannel sheets? If you haven’t done it yet, you should buy them now. While you will still have to make a small expense, on the other hand, your heating bill will be lower.
Sleeping in flannel sheets will keep you warm. You will not have to increase heat in your bedroom, and unnecessarily heat this room. image: futondor
source : tiphero