12 inexpensive ways to turn your home into a masterpiece of design!

Your home seems somewhat ordinary? It’s not for a lack of will but you know that it would be necessary to add a little decoration here and there.

But when you calculate your budget, you immediately give up the idea, because you think that you would have to invest a fortune. Moreover, not being an expert in decoration, you are not inspired…

So you tell yourself: Never mind! If you are in this situation, you will be delighted to discover that it is possible to decorate your house and give the rooms a particular character, while spending very little.

To inspire you, we offer 12 original and inexpensive ideas , thanks to which you can easily transform your home. Whether it’s the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room, the decor will be greatly enhanced by simple additions.

A little hardware and craftsmanship is all you need to make your home as charming as your family’s or friends.

1. TV screen: 

Nowadays, most people have a flat TV screen. If this means of entertainment is heavily used, there is little thought to use it in order to beautify the room where it is installed.

You probably would not have thought about it, but if you frame the screen with an old frame, the piece will be transformed by this single addition. The frame will actually give an antique and unique stamp. image: decoratingyoursmallspace

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2. Wooden pallets

Treated wood pallets have been very popular in recent years, and can be used in many ways. Natural or painted, they can be used as furniture if you tinker a little.

For example, you can make a work desk for the computer, benches covered with cushions to be more comfortable, a coffee table in the living room, or any other piece of furniture that would be useful to you. image: wordofdecor

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3. PVC pipes: 

If you have done work in the past using PVC pipes, maybe you have some extra pieces somewhere? You probably put them somewhere, telling yourself they might be able to serve someday.

By cutting them and sticking them to each other with clear glue sold specifically for PVC pipes, you can make a superb division to separate one room from the other. It is also possible to use them for storage. image: decoratingyoursmallspace

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4. Rug: 

To transform a room, sometimes only one accessory is needed, and it could then be a pretty rug. If you manage to get your hand on a Pinocchio carpet, consisting of small multicolored balls, it will surely add a touch of cheerfulness to the room.

It could also be a rattan rug or a bamboo mat rug. And if you like to tinker, you could even make one yourself, so why not? image: conversationpieces

5. Fireplace: 

We all want to have a fireplace in the living room, but the price of this accessory is not, alas, suitable for all budgets. If you dream of having one, why not design one with simple materials?
Simply assemble wooden planks to create a fireplace that you will then paint in white. Then, inside, you put candles on them that you will light only when you are installed near your fireplace. image: decoratingyoursmallspace

6. Bookcase: 

You are a big reader and your book collection keeps growing? It’s a very good hobby, but there has to be some room to keep all these books, correct?
Well know that two sandblasted and painted palettes, that you will put horizontally and will support on a wall, will be transformed easily into a bookcase, which can also serve as storage. image: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

7. Frame: 

If you have picture frames in boxes, it is high time to bring them out. With some accessories, they will make pretty wall decorations that will not cost you much.
Stick tree-shaped rocks, letters with the name of the family or little hearts. Also take out your paintings and hang them on the wall: they will add a touch of fantasy to the room. image: Pinterest

8. White lights: 

Have you ever thought about decorating with little white lights? Installed around a mirror or in a bed sky, they create a superb effect. You can also put them on the wall of a room by forming a word.
However, as a precautionary measure and to avoid any risk of fire, turn on the lights only when you are present in the house and use strictly safe sets of lights. image: decoratingyoursmallspace

9. Color bands: 

To add color to a room, especially if it is completely white, paint horizontal or vertical stripes on walls or doors. Opt for a color matching the decor, accessories, etc.
You probably will not be able to paint the floor, but in the event that you have to change it, consider the possibility of choosing a covering with strips of different colors. image: designertrapped – wandmit2farbenstreichen

10. Mirrors: 

Admittedly, mirrors are very practical in the bathroom or in the bedroom, but they can also be installed elsewhere. On the doors of the wardrobe, for example, you could attach large mirrors at the height.
However, it does not matter if you put mirrors on furniture or in the kitchen, they will not only give the room a sense of grandeur, they will also give it a very chic look. image: thespruce

11. Doors: 

Give your old wardrobe doors an air of renewal by making a few small changes. Repaint them, add moldings and change the handles.
Doors that look dated and even outdated will now have an elegant style. These simple transformations will be enough to enhance the decor of your room or any other room. image: howfantastic

12. Chandelier: 

Do you remember those old houses whose ceiling was decorated with a rose window around the chandelier? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? What if you did the same with only a small investment?
To do this, you only have to make a frame with moldings, which you will paint all in white. Then you just have to fix it to the ceiling, so that the chandelier is in the center. image: remodelaholic

source: brightside