15 original ideas for decorating your staircase for Christmas and the end of the year celebrations!

In all houses with more than one floor, there is necessarily an internal staircase leading to the second floor. When we set the Christmas tree in the living room and illuminate our windows with white or multicolored lights, we do not always think of decorating the stairs and the banisters.

However, there are plenty of opportunities, and these are certainly suitable for all tastes as well as all budgets, large and small. The decorations that can adorn the stairs and the ramp add a touch of enchantment.

In addition, as the staircase is often located near the vestibule, it is the first item that visitors and guests see when they enter the house. It therefore deserves to be embellished by pretty decorations.

To inspire you to decorate the staircase and the railing inside your house, we are proposing 15 great ideas afrom which you will be able to make your choice. One of them will surely charm you. image : pinterest

1. Staircase with bundles of branches:

While going for a walk in the forest, gather as many small dry branches as you can, as well as pine branches. Once back home, create bouquets with dry branches.

Add the pine branches and small branches with decorative mistletoe with red balls. Tie your bouquets with a green ribbon, small Christmas balls or green bells, and attach them to the bars of the banister. image: pinterest

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2. Staircase with white lights:

If you have several sets of white lights, and your stairs are also of this color, install them on each of the bars of the stair rail. The result is really superb.

You can use identical sets of lights or diversify with different models. Install small white trees near your stairs, then decorate them with white lights and tie small red curls. image : pinterest

3. Staircase with picture frames:

We all like to exhibit pictures of our family members. This year, why not decorate your stairs with these? You start by putting the pictures in the frames.

Then you add pine branches or artificial pine branches on the ramp, decorated with pine cones and branches of small red balls. Finally, you can glue red ribbons tied in a loop, and you hang them on pine branches. image : thesunnysideupblog

4. Staircase with artificial fir:

This decoration is very simple to make, and is intended especially for those who have a chair or bench near the stairs. First of all, decorate the ramp of the stairs with artificial fir.

Add a few small red balls here and there, and tie your decoration with big curls of a color matching the wood of the banister. As for the chair or bench, simply adding cushions with Christmas motifs will suffice to garnish it. image : pinterest

5. Staircase matching the Christmas tree:

If you installed your tree near the stairs and you love Christmas decorations, don’t hesitate to add a lot of decorations in that area. Decorate the ramp with artificial fir branches, bouquets and large ribbons.

Illuminate the ramp by adding sets of white lights. A good trick to avoid unpleasant effects: decorate your ramp with the same decorations used for your Christmas tree. image : pinterest

6. Staircase with big Christmas diamond star bows:

By discovering how the ramp was decorated, you will flip! Starting from the second floor to the first, artificial fir branches were hooked to the garland ramp.

We then put white lights of average size. To top it off, big brown Christmas diamond star bows matching with the color of the wood were added to each place where the garland was hooked to the railing. Amazing!  image : pinterest

7. Staircase and large spaces:

This decoration is for people who have a spacious home and enough space below the ramp. The latter has been decorated with artificial fir garlands, copper tone balls, ribbons and curls.

Under the banister, there were three small Christmas trees and a wicker sled with pine branches and artificial flowers. Some gifts were arranged around the sleigh. image : pinterest

8. Staircase with Christmas stockings:

For a white staircase, Christmas stockings of the same color will make a beautiful decoration. You simply hang them on the bars of the stairs, and for them to have a beautiful shape, you fill them with foam padding covered with fabric.

Then, on the ramp, you install garlands of green leaves or artificial fir branches. Finally, you illuminate everything with white lights. image : pinterest

9. Staircase with golden butterflies:

This other decoration is particularly suitable for white stairs. Following the ramp, starting from the bottom to the top, install small branches or a golden garland.

Hang golden and white butterflies and Christmas balls in the same colors. The result is really breathtaking, and you’ll find that gold goes very well with white. image : pinterest

10. Staircase decorated with self-adhesive paper:

You do not have a huge budget to decorate your staircase? Do not give up! Get white sticker paper in which you can cut out a Christmas tree and a star.

On one side of the steps, put white candles. However, in the event that your staircase is also white, you will have to opt for another color, both for self-adhesive paper and for candles. image : lowes.com

11. Stairs decorated with glass jars:

Some stairs do not have a ramp. If this is your case, it should not prevent you from decorating the steps. For example, you can put large jars or glass jars on each one of them.

You can fill them in half with artificial snow, then you drop some small Christmas balls inside. Around the pots, add artificial pine branches and pine cones. image : thriftydecorchick

12. Staircase with silver decorations:

So far, we mostly presented models where the top of the ramp was decorated. But know that the bottom can just as well be that way too. All you need to do is add artificial fir branches and small white boughs.

With ribbons, you then hang silver decorations, such as stars, hearts or flakes. If you want, hang other small silver decorations at the top of the ramp, which you will hold by string ends. image : pinterest

13. Bottom of the staircase decorated in brown and gold:

If you want to decorate only the bottom of the ramp in brown, this idea will certainly charm you. On each step, you can put artificial fir branches.

You then add golden and copper balls and ribbon in the same colors. On the bottom pole, usually wider, you set a big brown Christmas diamond star bow. image : pinterest

14. Traditional staircase in red and green:

If you prefer traditional Christmas colors, red and green, you can make beautiful decorations. Use red and white striped ribbons, and others without any motifs.

From the top, you hang them on the ramp and at the bottom, you let them drag on the ground. Finally, you also go up and down with white lights. image : prettifyyourlife

15. Staircase with candles and reindeers:

Finally, the last decoration, but not the least, is a very simple one to make. On the steps, you put potted candles with LED lights as well as glass bowls with some decorations on the inside.

In the middle of all these decorations, add a wooden reindeer, and do the same with another bigger reindeer installed near the stairs. On the steps of a white staircase, the result is splendid. image : pinterest

source: diyideescreatives