19 easy storage ideas for small spaces

We accumulate so many things, and we have to buy so many products, and we end up not knowing where to put them away. Space is more and more restricted, and we finally end up with congested cabinets and closets.

Yet with everything we stock, nothing is superfluous. You have to cook, take a shower, do the housework, iron some clothes, and all the accessories required to complete these tasks are necessary.

What happens then? The pantry, the drawers, the cupboards become really cluttered. Fortunately, there are many tips to help arrange things more efficiently.

There are indeed small corners in the house, in the garage or in the basement that we do not think of using for storage. There are added things that are unknown to us, and that can greatly help us.

With the 19 storage ideas we offer, you’ll not only maximize space, but you’ll rapidly find all the items and accessories you need. image: pinterest

1. Accessories and cleaning products:

Paper towel rolls, mops, brooms, dust pans, and cleaning products take up a lot of room. On the other hand, there is a much more practical solution for storing them.

This consists of fixing hooks on the closet door, and suspending everything that has a handle. As for other products, store them on shelves that you will also screw to the wall of the door. Finally, use a shoe rack for paper towels. image: pinterest

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2. Plastic containers for the refrigerator:

Even with a large refrigerator, we always feel that there is not enough room to put everything away. The situation becomes even more critical after buying a lot of groceries  for a planned reception.

However, if you put plastic containers in your refrigerator, and in each you classify food, this problem will be quickly resolved. image: pinterest

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3. Space in height:

Although very practical, the next trick can only be applied for high spaces. For example, if you have a garage, the gap between the joists could be useful for storing a lot of things.

You start by attaching a long metal grid to the joists. Then you pick up everything that hangs around in the garage which can be contained in storage boxes, and you then place the boxes on the grid. image: pinterest

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4. Wicker baskets:

When you really lack room for cookbooks, grids, cutting boards or other accessories, wicker baskets are a great way to store them.

These baskets can actually contain several accessories that are used in the kitchen, and can also be used to store sewing items, DIY, etc. image: houzz

5. Storage under the stairs:

If you have a staircase in the house, whether it’s going up to the second floor or down to the basement, consider using the empty space under the steps to store your cans and Mason jars.

Small shelves under the steps will give you plenty of space, and you can free your cabinets, giving you more room to store other items. image: pinterest

6. Vegetable nets:

Onions and garlic cloves can be stored very easily in a cool place since they do not necessarily need to be refrigerated. A single bag of onions is enough to fill the drawer of the fridge.

If you buy vegetable nets, you can suspend them and put your onions and garlic cloves. However, nothing prevents you from using them to store other accessories. image: pinterest

7. Pan lids:

Cabinets are never big enough to hold all the pans and lids we need to cook with. The pots are piled one on top of the other, and the lids are put all over the cupboard.

Fix this problem once and for all, by installing two small rods inside your cabinet doors, and have the lids held by the handles. image: pinterest

8. Lego blocs:

You probably would not have thought of this, but your child’s Lego blocks could also be useful for storage. With this trick, the computer and the mobile phone charger wires will never hang around the house again.

First, attach a Lego brick to one side of the table. Then use a figurine to hang the wires, and you can also use another brick for your keys, you know, the ones you waist so much time looking for!  image: pinterest

9. Tablets for various products:

Whether it’s bathroom products, or any other aerosol or tube product, consider setting up shelves on the wall. If you overlay three, one below the other, there will be many products that can be stored.

These tablets can also be installed in the bedroom, bathroom, craft room, kitchen or any other room. image: pinterest

10. Compartments in the drawers :

It does not matter if it’s a kitchen drawer, a bathroom or a bedroom drawer, they are always a mess. Once and for all, decide to put some order in your drawers.

To do this, simply add compartments. So, next time you need some accessories, you’ll find them easily. image: organizedmom.net

11. Ironing board:

Even when folded, the ironing board always takes up too much space. Always a large size, it greatly restricts closet space or in the room where you usually store it.

How about this suggestion, which is to fix two hooks behind a door of the laundry room? These would allow you to hang the ironing board. Practical, isn’t it? image: pinterest

12. Shower products:

We use more than one product when we shower. We actually need soap or a gel tube, shampoo, conditioner, and a sponge brush.

So in order for all these products to not clutter the counter, cabinet or pharmacy in the bathroom, there is a great solution. Get some hooks, and hang all products on the shower rod. image: pinterest

13. Large kitchen accessories:

Under the range hood, provided that it is large and strong enough, hooks can be attached to support ladles, metal bowls, pans, etc.

This trick allows you to free up space in your cabinets, and is an original way to decorate that part of the wall between the hood and the stove. image : pinterest

14. Joysticks:

Are you tired of never finding console controllers or other electronic devices, and you have no place to put them away? Well you should know that you can solve this problem easily and for good.

The solution is in Velcro strips that you will stick to the controllers. You also stick some on the walls, and you hang your controllers. No bad, eh? image: ifunny.mobi

15. Toothbrush:

We put all our toothbrushes in a glass or in a storage box. However, when the family is made up of several members, the number of toothbrushes increases and, consequently, the space becomes more and more restricted.

If the bathroom counter is too small to hold toothbrushes, store them in the pharmacy instead. To make them stand up, cut openings onthe top shelf. image: pinterest

16. Wooden boards for kitchen utensils:

To store cups and spoons, spatulas, wooden spoons, and always have them at hand, there is a very practical solution. You first need to install two or three small boards to the wall.

On these, you screw half-moon shaped flattened hooks on the sides. You can find these items easily in a hardware store. You just need to hang your accessories on these hooks. image: pinterest

17. Folding chairs:

When the summer season is over, we do not know what to do with our folding chairs. We also keep some in reserve when several guests show up, and these chairs take up a lot of space.

Between two vertical planks, put two nails of smaller dimensions perpendicularly, giving them an angle of about 30 degrees. All you have to do then is to hang your chairs. image : pinterest

18. Metal basket:

The bathroom cabinet is too small to hold the hair dryer and curling iron? Get a holey metal basket and screw it inside the cabinet door.

You’ll be amazed at everything you can put away, and now nothing will hang around on the bathroom counter. image: sugarbeecrafts.com

19. Recycling plastic containers:

Do not discard large plastic containers, such as those used for laundry products. With a cutter, cut off the top and make sure to keep the handle.

Inside these containers, put in nails and screws that you will have previously sorted out. Then place the containers on shelves in your garage or workshop. image : pinterest

source: diyideescreatives