6 tips to clear your nose quickly

With the arrival of winter, colds and flu appear rapidly and despite all the necessary precautions we take, we do not always manage to escape the inevitable. While these are two easily transmissible viruses, they are not deadly for most people.

Nevertheless, a cold as much as the flu is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, and one of the most common is to have our nose completely clogged. In addition to not breathing properly, especially during the night, we sometimes lose taste and therefore our appetite.

We must therefore hasten to open our nose as quickly as possible, and for this, there is more than one solution. While some provide shorter relief, others are very effective.

In this article, we offer you 6 tips and tricks completely free, thanks to which you will manage to unblock your nose and your sinuses rapidly. Now it’s up to you to choose the technique that suits you best. image : amelioretasante

1. Eating spicy foods:

You will probably be very surprised to learn that some spicy foods can help you unclog your nose and facilitate the elimination of phlegm. However, this treatment is short-lived, but still gives fast results.

In the dishes you cook, add raw garlic and onions, as well as spicy condiments such as Espelette pepper, Cayenne pepper and wasabi or Japanese horseradish.

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2. Nasal sinus massage:

Nasal sinuses are more precisely situated just above your nasal septum: it is in this area that the phlegm accumulates. Therefore, a small massage at this location will help evacuate mucus while soothing the pain.

With your index and middle fingers, massage your nasal sinuses with circular motions for 20 or 30 seconds. Massage first near the nose, then over the nose and finally, the cheekbones. image : medicinenet

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3. Breathing control:

You must have certainly been able to unblock your ears by plugging your nose and blowing hard, right? The following technique, although different, also works to clear up your nose.

To do this, take a deep breath and plug your nose with your fingers. While walking, try to breathe air through your nose for a few seconds. Remove your fingers, breathe normally and sit down. Your nose should be completely cleared.

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4. Sinus cleansing with saline water:

You probably know this trick since it is one of the most used ones to remove nose secretions. It is more specifically a saline solution that is found over-the-counter in pharmacies.

However, be aware that a home remedy will prove just as effective. To make it, boil 250ml (25cl) of water with ½ tsp. of sea salt, and allow it to cool to room temperature (wait until the solution is lukewarm before using). Pour the solution into small sterilized dropper bottles, and use a syringe to inject the liquid into your nostrils. image : wikihow

5. Mint based ointment:

In various forms, mint contains acetic and ascorbic acid. In the presence of a cold, these two ingredients can relieve a blocked nose and free the airways.

If you prefer to use this solution to decongest your nose instead of the previous ones, you just need to inhale a little bit of mint. You will get the same effect with a menthol ointment. image : etsy

6. Hot shower:

The last time your nose was congested, you may have relieved yourself by breathing hot water vapors. You then know how this trick is effective.

Instead of boiling water, transferring it to a large bowl and covering your head with a towel, take a shower using warm water. You will achieve the same result without going through all these steps.

source : amelioretasante