7 Tips on Air Travel That Passengers Ignore … Good To Know!

Do you plan to fly soon? Will it be your first flight? If this is the case, you would benefit from being well informed before booking your tickets and getting on a plane.

Indeed, although a plane trip may seem exciting, especially when it’s the first time, there are things you need to know. Do not ignore them, as they are of paramount importance to better appreciate your trip.

Obviously, for your first flight you will surely want to sit near the window, just to enjoy a better view. You may also tend to book the cheapest tickets without worrying about the time of departure.

You probably also think that planes are thoroughly cleaned up after each landing. You probably think that the menu, no matter which one you choose, will prove to be delicious, and that tea and coffee are well prepared.

As you continue reading, you will be surprised to discover that the truth does not necessarily correspond to your expectations. If you want to enjoy a good flight, take a few minutes to read and write down these 7 tips and recommendations:

1. Seat

Travelers often choose seats near the window to enjoy the view. However, it turns out that these places are colder than others because the outside temperature can easily reach -65 ℃ behind the window! It is better to have a light blanket or sweater in order to maintain a certain comfort level during the trip.

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2. Shelves and seat pockets

The cleanliness of these two accessories leaves much to be desired, for flight attendants have also said that tablets are often used to change diapers.

As for the cover, passengers use it as a trash can, and it is rarely cleaned thoroughly. So plan on wipes or put your belongings in your bag. image : instagram

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3. Choice of departure

If possible, choose morning flights. Delays are more rare and turbulence is less frequent(perfect for travelers who are afraid to travel by plane).

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4. Better service

Food and beverages are kept at the back of the plane, so you’ll get better service if you sit in the back row. Flight attendants explain it this way: it is easier to bring passengers sitting in the back a second portion of food, a beverage or headphones, without the other passengers knowing and claiming the same thing. So, even if sitting in the front can get out faster, it is still more advantageous to sit in the back.

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5. Pillows and airbags

Because they could burst upon landing (due to changes in atmospheric pressure), do not inflate themcompletely.

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6. Menu

Opt for the special menu. It seems like its tastier than others.

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7. Tea and coffee

The water used to make tea or coffee is likely to contain bacteria (E.Coli or staphylococcus aureus) according to specialists who analyzed the water of various airlines. Instead, prefer mineral water or juices.

source : businessinsider