8 Surprising Ways To Use Lip Balm That You Probably Do not Know!

If there is a product that does not cost much, it really is lip balm. Whether you are a man or a woman, you probably have at least one tube, especially during the winter season.

Cold temperature is actually one of the causes of chapped lips, and to relieve and rehydrate them, lip balm proves to be the product par excellence. Apart from the fact that the price is very affordable, it also has the advantage of being manufactured in a tube that can be carried in a purse or in pockets.

Until now, you had to use lip balm strictly for what it was designed to do. Now, there are other ways to use it, and it is a safe bet that these are not well known.

You will be so surprised at all that can be done with lip balm, and after reading the following, you will stock up on this product. It will be useful to you for small health problems as well as for your home. image : littlethings

1. Heels:

When you buy a new pair of shoes, and you wear them for the first time, they can hurt you, and the place most likely to be injured is at the heels.

Often, blisters form, which can quickly turn out to be painful. In order to protect the sensitive skin from your heels and avoid having blisters, consider applying a little lip balm. image : LittleThings

2. Cuts and scratches:

Handling a single sheet of paper is enough to cut your skin. Although it is not a serious injury, paper cuts are still painful, and cause a burning sensation.

There is also a case to be made for small scratches that occur frequently. Again, lip balm will come to your rescue and will relieve you pain quickly. It actually has a moisturizing property for the skin while promoting scar healing. image : LittleThings

3. Irritated nose:

You know how often you blow your nose when you have a cold, especially during the first few days. By using tissues, even the softest, the nose quickly becomes irritated.

You have probably used oil jelly to relieve the pain. However, lip balm will work as well, except that it is cheaper.

image : LittleThings

4. Eyebrows:

Eyebrows sometimes give us a lot of trouble. Untrained, they roll up or go in any direction, except the one we would like them to go. This is what we call having bushy eyebrows.

A small application of lip balm on your eyebrows will put them back in place, and they will stay there. Moreover, being colorless, no one will perceive it. image : LittleThings

5. Ring:

Your ring got stuck on your finger and you cannot remove it? Do not panic, and most importantly, do not attempt to remove it in any way. You would only make the situation worse, and your finger could swell.

Instead, go look for your lip balm tube, and apply a small amount around the ring. You’ll see, it’ll slip very easily. image : littlethings

6. Windows:

Do you have difficulty opening or closing windows in your home? Take out your tube of lip balm and you will be able to release them.

You might have thought about using petroleum jelly? It would also be effective, but considering that lip balm stretches better and costs less, you would be better off to use it. image : littlethings

7. Shoes:

Unfortunately, you’ve scratched one of your shoes, and that’s grieving you? Considering the cost of a pair of shoes, we want to wear them as long as possible.

Fortunately, there is a trick that will make this scratch disappear. Yes, you have probably guessed it, it is again the lip balm, that you will only have to rub on the little scratch. image : littlethings

8. Laces:

To lace their shoes up, people can be put into two categories: those who tighten them very hard, and those who prefer to leave them loose. If you belong to the first category, you will agree that it is not always easy to undo your laces.

Rather than trying hard to untie them, use this trick. It consists in applying lip balm on the laces, which will be easily untied. source : littlethings