8 Tips From Your Phone That Everybody Must Know: But That In Reality Nobody Knows!

Mobile phones, and especially smart phones, have become indispensable to us. Starting with teenagers to middle-aged people, everyone has one.

Very practical, smart phones follow us wherever we go. They are part of our lives, our luggage, our work accessories, and our most used tools for sending messages, navigating, taking pictures or filming scenes.

Smart phones have many more options than making phone calls. Some are very easy to use and are well known to us.

But with technology that keeps evolving, few people know all the functions of a mobile phone. If some found them by chance, they do not necessarily know how to use them, while others do not even know their existence.

In this article, you will discover 8 tricks which are probably unknown to you. It is a safe bet that these functions will be the most used. image : cryptosavvy

1. Recharge in airplane mode:

You might be leaving the house and at the very same moment, your phone indicates that the battery is very low. You panic, and you plug it in for a few minutes, hoping that it will suffice.

Unfortunately, it takes much more time to charge it. So next time it happens, charge your phone on airplane mode. The time it takes the battery to recharge will be considerably reduced.

2. Off-line maps:

If you frequently use the GPS function of your mobile phone, you probably noticed that it consumes a lot of energy, and quickly puts your battery down.

If you need to refer to a map and your battery is low, use this trick instead. It simply consists of making a screenshot of the map you plan to use.

3. Better network:

When you are driving on country roads, you are likely to find yourself in places where the network is difficult to access. You have to drive several kilometers before you can use your phone.

Again, airplane mode will prove to be very convenient. If you cannot connect to your network provider, put your phone on airplane mode, and wait for a few minutes. Then return to normal mode, and your phone should automatically reconnect to the network.

4. Solidify a charger:

Over time, your phone charger will eventually wear out. To prevent this from happening, or if the cord is already damaged, there is a very practical trick, which consists of solidifying or consolidating the cord of the charger.

To do this, take a ballpoint pen, and remove the inside spring. Then wrap this same spring around your cable. This way, your cord will not wear out but will solidify itself.

5. Alternative chargers:

Since your phone has become essential over time, you will unlikely forget your charger at home. Now, when stressed or in a hurry, it may happen that this is the only accessory you forget to take with you when you leave the house.

Do not panic, and remember that there are alternative chargers. For example, you can connect your device to the USB port of a computer, or to any other USB port.

6. Alarm amplifier:

Are you one of those people who sleeps very hard and whose phone alarm is not loud enough to wake you up? Obviously, it is always possible to use an alarm clock, but if you do not have one or there’s none in the room where you sleep, right down this trick.

Take a cup or a drinking glass, and put your phone inside. You will notice a difference in volume when the alarm sounds, because glass amplifies sound.

7. Finding a cell phone in the dark:

When all lights are closed, and you’re completely dipped in the dark, finding a mobile phone is difficult. Unless you remember where you last put it, you might look for it for a very long time.

To prevent this from happening, there are two solutions. Either you affix a fluorescent sticker on your phone or you paint the shell by applying fluorescent paint.

8. Secret hiding spot:

Since you always have your mobile phone on you, in your pockets or hanging on the belt of your pants, it can also be used as a secret hiding place to store two or three banknotes.

In the event that you lose your wallet, which is not a fun thing, you will at least have some money to help you out. To do this, fold 2 bills, and drag them inside your phone.

source : cryptosavvy