9 mistakes people make before leaving their hotel room

Whether you travel frequently or only occasionally, there are some mistakes you should avoid before leaving your hotel room. Until now, you probably did not know them, so you can not blame yourself for omitting certain things.

However, next time you make a hotel room reservation, do not leave without listing these 9 errors. Put it in your luggage and before leaving the room, take a few minutes to review the list.

You will then be sure to not forget anything, and you will also think of leaving a tip to the maid, checking the charges on your bill, booking a shuttle from the airport, etc.

This same list will also tell you what you should do and what you should not do. It will be very useful to you, and will serve as a reminder. In addition, by respecting certain instructions, your customers will be better appreciated by the hotels. image: Pinterest

1. Products provided in the rooms: 

In all hotel rooms, products are provided. We are referring to soaps, shower gels, shampoo, creams, etc. These are called home products.

If you do not take them before you leave the room, then it’s your loss. Know that this is not considered a theft, on the contrary. Consequently, you are providing help to the room maids who will otherwise throw them away and replace them with new products. Therefore, bringing them with you avoids waste. image: Pinterest

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2. Cash payment: 

Do you usually pay for your hotel room in cash? If so, you should not do it because without knowing it, you are making a mistake that you may regret.

Indeed, as in any other area, you could come across a dishonest employee who will put the money in his pockets. Having no proof, you would be obliged to pay your room twice. image: pixabay

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3. Annoyances and problems: 

Even when renting a room in a famous hotel, it is not excluded that you suffer some inconvenience or you encounter certain problems. No matter what troubles you, let the manager know.

Do not be afraid to disturb the staff, and as soon as any glitches occur, notify the manager. He will be happy to accomodate you, and moreover, you will do service to the establishment that will ensure that it does not happen again. image: pixabay

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4. Double verification of fees: 

Many various services are offered in hotels, and they are not always free. For example, if you have drinks at the bar or order them to your room, if you have opted for cable television, or access to the Internet, these charges might be added to your bill.

Whenever you use any of these paid services, make a note of them, especially if your stay is longer than 24 hours. This way, you can compare the charges with those you have noted. image: Pinterest

5. Precious objects: 

Before leaving your hotel room, go around it twice rather than once. This double check will allow you to make sure that you have not forgotten anything, especially regarding precious objects.

If they are in a safe box, remember to empty it and get everything you put in there. Whether or not you are used to using such a cabinet, check it before you go.

6. Tipping the maid: 

The maids really deserve a good tip. They are indeed the ones who have the task of changing the sheets, cleaning the room, cleaning the bathroom, etc.

You will agree then that their job is not really easy, and that sometimes it can even be disgusting. If you are happy with their work, leave a good tip under the pillow. image: Pinterest

7. Time of departure: 

When it’s time to leave the room, do not exit your hotel room too quickly, and do not leave the electronic key on the bed either. Take a few minutes to go to the front desk and give the key to the employee.

Also ask if you do not have a message. Someone in your family might have left you an important message that you should read before leaving.

8. Booking the airport shuttle: 

Before you go on a trip, you probably write a to-do list so you do not forget anything. However, when you are abroad, you may omit certain things that need to be done, including making arrangements.

This is also the case of the shuttle to the airport. If you do not make the reservation before you leave, you may find yourself in a difficult situation when you arrive at the airport.

9. Time limit to leave the room: 

All hotels set specific times for guests to leave. It should be understood that the maid must have time to clean after you leave and before the next person arrives.

Therefore, be sure to respect this time limit and, above all, do not exceed it. By observing this, the hotel’s schedule will not be disrupted.

sources: clarkfrommer’stiphero