A Single Mother Builds A Stunning Mini-House On Wheels After Losing Her Home

Life is made up of obstacles to overcome and hardships, some of which are very difficult to surmount, and no one escapes those realities. That’s exactly what happened to a lady named Michelle Boyle, who ended up as a single mother after a divorce, who was unfortunately not the first one to have this happen to her.

After two marriages, two failures, and thirteen years living alone with her children, Michelle had no savings. She was barely able to provide for her small family.

To ensure safety for her children, she decided to build a mini-house. Having already built two houses before that she lost with her divorces, she had the necessary knowledge to make this type of house.

With a little help from her friends, they erected a cottage with a width of 2.59m and a length of 7.31m, with a very impressive end result. To improve her financial situation, she then began to build mini-houses that she rented.

Explore Michelle Boyle’s gorgeous mini-house through a virtual tour:

1. Living room:

To the left of the front door, there is a well furnished living room, large enough to hold two armchairs. In front of them, a large piece of furniture with 6 drawers has been installed, very practical for storage.

This nice piece of furniture supports a lamp, a flat screen TV, as well as a few books. The empty spaces under the cabinet and the staircase also serve as storage space.

2. Kitchen:

To the right of the front door is the kitchen, which is fully functional. A stove and a refrigerator from the late 1940s and early 1950s has been refurbished and they face each other.

To cook meals, Michelle uses a large counter. Placed under two windows that provide daylight in the kitchen, the sink also has some cabinets. The dishes are stored on original shelves, probably made by our host.

3. Stairs:

The design of the wooden staircase leading to the bedroom was very well thought out. Indeed, each stair has a storage space, which is identified by an inscription. For example, we can read “shoes here”.

Since the family also has a cat, we also reserved a litter space under one of these steps. Michelle admits, however, that she made a mistake by building steps that were too narrow.

4. Bedroom:

The bedroom is spacious enough to hold a large double bed, and two bedside tables, in addition to a shelf for storing clothes. There are also wall-mounted boxes in which books are placed.

In addition to two lamps installed on each side of the bed, the room is well lit by three windows that surround it. One is at the head of the bed, and the other two on each side.

5. Table:

At first glance, there is no table to eat on. Michelle had a big surprise. The two armchairs in the living room, in addition to having a storage space, also serve as chairs.

By bringing them together, she puts a folding table there that she hides next to the refrigerator. She uses it as much to work on her computer as to eat there. Then, once the meals are over, she puts the table back in its place.

6. Bathroom:

At the end of the living room, we discover a glass door with curtains, and when they are opened, we can enter the bathroom. This large room contains a closet, and a superimposed washer and dryer.

A shelf that that can hold several pairs of shoes is also found there. Of course, the bathroom also has a shower, a sink and a toilet. A little frog, nicknamed Ralph, has also taken up residence in the shower, and whatever Michelle does, it always comes back.

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7. Here is a virtual tour of the place: