Because She’s Paying This Bedside Table 5 $, And She Doesn’t Hesitate 1 Second And Pierces The Top! Her Son then Goes Nuts Seeing The Results!

This era is into recycling and recovering old furniture. Even if they are quite old, a little damaged and the paint is scratched, a little effort to transform them into beautiful original furniture will go a long way.

Some amateurs of antiques also go around garage sales to buy old furniture, while others walk the streets to pick up those who have been put on the roadside.

Rather than landing in the garbage depot, these antiques are revamped and the end result is really mind-boggling. Whether it is a headboard, a desk, a door, drawers, windows, a table, chairs, shutters, or even a basket, all can be revamped.

If you belong to this category of people who like to tinker and give a second life to furniture, you will be greatly inspired by these 13 transformation ideas. And if you’ve thrown yours out, these suggestions are so great, you’ll surely want to go out looking for old furniture.

1. Headboard:

It is very easy to turn an old headboard into a superb coat rack, and it does not really cost much. You cut the two poles equal to the bottom board.

You sand the headboard, and apply two coats of white paint or another color of your choice, allowing it to dry between each coat. You attach hooks, and you hang the coat rack in the house entrance. image :

2. Small table:

If you do not know what to do with a small and old wooden table, this project is likely to please you. Once completed, you will get two bedside tables that will greatly enhance the decor of your room.

To make this project a success, you must cut the table in half. Then you sand it and you paint it in the color of your choice. All you have to do now is put your two bedside tables on the wall on either side of the bed. image :

3. Desk:

What to do with an old wooden desk with drawers and chipped paint? Retrieve it to make two bedside tables. First of all, you have to cut the piece of furniture in half and only keep the two sides that contain the drawers.

You now find yourself with two small pieces of furniture, which you need to sand and repaint with the color of your choice. Then, if the handles are still in good condition, you can put them back. image :

4. Door:

If you are about to get rid of an old door, you will soon love it again after discovering this original project. It simply consists of transforming it into a magnificent shelf.

You can either sand the door unevenly to give it an old look or to repaint it entirely. Then you fix the shelves horizontally, and you install them on the wall. image : industrystandarddesign

5. Window:

We all tend to throw out old windows that are no longer uselful. Now, with a simple transformation, you can make a very original lounge table, especially if the windows are in good condition.

To achieve such a result, the window must first be sanded and repainted. Then, a wooden panel is installed behind the window. You screw four legs under the piece of furniture, and a nice handle on the side. image :

6. Metal waste paper basket:

Even the oldest wastepaper basket made of metal can be recycled and easily transformed into a coffee table, or a table for the terrace. It’s very simple, you will see.

After sandblasting the metal basket, you spray the paint with the color that best fits the furniture. Then, you turn the basket upside down, and you’re done!

image :

7. Low table:

Maybe the old wooden coffee table perfectly suited to your old living room furniture is  outdated, and you can barely stand its view. Do not throw it away, and take a few minutes to read the following.

And if you painted the legs in white and covered it with a cloth, wouldn’t it look amazing in your living room? An inexpensive idea and the end with sublime results.

image :

8. Baby bed:

You probably kept the bed in which your child slept when he was a baby. However, it can no longer be used because it no longer complies with safety rules.

You then just have to repaint it, remove one of the sides, and fix it in the middle, then install a piece of glass on top. You will then have a nice working desk. image :

9. Bed:

Do you need a bench for your garden? With your old bed, know that you can make one very easily. You first cut the bed with only the head and legs.

You then assemble these two parts together, and you install a board on top that you will attach with hinges. Your bench will create a superb decor in the garden, and you can store various items. image : Pinterest

10. Chairs:

A bench in the house entrance is very practical. We can sit down to put on or take off our shoes. With old chairs, and a wood palette, why not do one?
You remove the seats, and you replace them with three planks taken on pallets, and you paint them with the color of your choice. You put cushions, and baskets under the chairs, which will serve to store shoes. image :

11. Drawers:

We seldom think about keeping shallow old drawers, and yet they can still serve. Simply repaint them, and stick tapestry or decorative adhesive paper at the bottom.

What do you do then with these drawers, once they are transformed? They are simply hung on the kitchen wall, and plates are placed inside, small frames, or other accessories. image :

12. Shutters:

If you have ever had windows with shutters, it was a good idea to keep them. Otherwise, you may well regret it and bite your fingers. But what to do with an old shutter?

It’s very simple. You install three shelves, and you attach hooks at the bottom. Then, you hang the painted shutter on the wall, and here it is transformed into a shelf. image :

13. Dresser:

The old wooden dresser whose paint is scratched will probably go on the side of the road, right? And if you turned it into a small stove, you child would surely be mad with joy.

Just drill a hole on top, which will serve as a sink. Then you install a door on the front, you stick buttons, you attach hooks at the top for kitchen utensils, etc. In short, you decorate it as you see fit. image :

source : guideastuces