Should we heat our car before driving in very cold weather?

During winter, we all tend to start our car in advance, and heat it for long minutes before taking the road. Obviously, no one likes to sit in a cold vehicle, and no one wants to scrape the windows and the windshield.

However, this habit we have adopted can be very dangerous for the engine of our vehicle. Moreover, according to experts, this way of proceeding is not recommended.

Certainly, not taking the time to warm up the car may seem inconceivable. However, the windshield and the windows must be de-iced before you start driving, because you can not venture on the roads blindly.

What should you do when it is cold outside? Dressing up warmly is the first thing to do. The windshield and windows must then be defrosted with a homemade scraper or de-icer.

Now, if we can not heat the car, how should we proceed? And if we persist in our bad habits, will there be any consequences? The answers to these questions are in this article.

1. Consequences:

If you run the car engine before you go on the road, the time it takes to warm up the car can have serious consequences. Indeed, the car engine is exposed to real danger.

It should be noted that a combustion engine operates with a mixture of gas and compressed air vapors. Cold conditions may prevent its proper operation, which will result in more fuel injection.

You will waste more gas, because the one you use to warm the car will reduce the oil needed to smear the engine. Besides the danger of damaging the engine, it will cost you more in gasoline.

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2. Recommended method:

According to experts, you have to start the car just seconds before you hit the road. When you leave, and for the first few minutes, ride slowly as this will allow your engine to warm up.

But by not heating the car, what about frost or ice on the windshield and windows?

Either you scrape it off, or you use a homemade de-icer.

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3. Carburetor engine:

If you own a less recent car whose engine works with a carburetor, you should not comply with the recommendations made previously that concern only combustion engines.

In that case, and only for carbureted engines, it is essential to heat the car before taking the road. By following these instructions, you will extend the life of your engine.

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4. Here are more details in this video: