Her House Appears Tiny … But Wait To See the Inside, The Kitchen Will Make You Flip!

Mini-homes have become so popular that new models keep coming on the market. The one we are talking about here bears the name of Elsa, and it really is a dream house!

It differs completely from the previous models, and it is a safe bet that it will be coveted by buyers. Elsa is arguably the prettiest and most attractive that has been built so far.

It is particularly recognizable by the two trailers on which the house is mounted, one of which turns into a greenhouse. Convenient for gardening, this addition makes us almost forget that this is a mini-house.

And as if that were not enough, you can also enjoy the sun and warm summer evenings by basking on the terrace, or by rocking on a swing hanging on the roof.

Inside, we discover charming rooms illuminated by several windows in the living room, the kitchen and the living room. In each room, the storage spaces are numerous.

Discover this beautiful mini-house.

1. Greenhouse:

Seen from the outside, we can only be charmed by the Elsa mini-house. At first glance, our attention is immediately drawn to the greenhouse that is mounted on the first trailer.

Indeed, unlike other models of mini-homes, it is manufactured with two trailers, which can be transformed into one. Thus, when the house must be moved, one of the trailers fits into the other.

2. Exterior view & terrace:

Four steps lead to the terrace, which is between the house and the greenhouse. Another noted peculiarity, the house has a terrace large enough to install one or two chairs. So we can relax outdoors day and night.

Although the roof of the terrace is open, it still allows you to hang a swing and even some plants.

3. Kitchen:

For a maisonette, the kitchen is still quite spacious. It can hold a full-size stove, several cabinets and shelves, and a long counter that doubles as a work surface.

A table with wheels and two benches can be used for meals. When not in use, the table can be moved and leaned against the wall, providing more space in the kitchen.

4. Living room:

From the kitchen, we go directly to the living room, with only a large carpet separating both spaces. Like all other mini-homes, the living room space is a bit smaller. However, it is big enough to install a sofa bed and a chair.

With windows on each side of the couch, and another just in the back, the lounge benefits from maximum daylight.

5. Bedroom:

A staircase leads to the bedroom, which is located on the second floor. The steps contain drawers for storage, and closets, also convenient to store clothes and other accessories.

With an open space area and several windows, the room is well lit. In addition, it is large enough to hold a large bed and two bedside tables.

6. Bathroom:

The bathroom is probably the most impressive room in the Elsa mini house. It is actually equipped with a shower and a bath, and its surface is large enough to install a clothes washer.

In terms of storage space, the bathroom is not lacking any of it. Two large shelves serve. One of them is used for storing towels, and the other for bathroom accessories.

7. Take a tour of this beautiful mini-house on this video:

source : tinyhouselistings