Here’s How To Transform The Interior Of Your Home With A Small Budget … Amazing!

If you have a two-storey house built several years ago, the staircase leading to the second floor is probably made of varnished wood. As it has often been used, it is surely very worn out and probably needs a fresh twist.

As an option, you probably only considered one, that of redoing the stairs. Such work is very expensive, and you may not have the money to make such expensive repairs.

No worries, because there is a much more affordable alternative, which will allow you to make significant savings. Indeed, as you can do the work yourself, you will not have to ruin your budget.

This trick consists more precisely to paint the steps, and to staple the carpet. All you need is paint, a non-slip mat, a woven mat, masking tape, an industrial stapler, staples and a black permanent marker.

The idea of such a transformation tempts you, does not it? So follow the steps outlined below, and once finished, you will be very proud of your stairs. image : designsponge

1. Install tape & paint wood: 

To protect the varnish on your the steps, first apply masking tape. Then repaint the risers in white. To do this, be sure to use a paint designed specifically for varnished wood, and if necessary, give it a basecoat.

However, if the risers are made from a material other than varnished wood, ask a specialist. He will guide you in choosing a product.

2. To give a second layer:

After applying the first coat of paint, let it dry completely. For a better paint hold, refer to the container and respect the time indicated on it.

Even if the marks that were very visible on the risers are less apparent, do not hesitate to give them a second layer. Let it dry again, always according to the time indicated on the paint container.

3. Hide staples:

Since you will later have to staple the woven carpet, you will need to use staples. These are generally gray, and they will appear to be very visible when your project is finished.

It is therefore important that you hide them. To do this, color them with a permanent black marker pen. You will need to spend a little time on this, but the end result will be worth the effort.

4. Install a non-slip mat :

By leaving a few inches on each side, install a non-slip mat in the center of the stairs, which will also cover the risers.

The addition of a non-slip mat is essential because it will prevent the other carpet from moving.

5. Staple the carpet:


With an electric stapler, now attach a woven mat that you will staple on the steps.

6. Fold and cut the carpet:

Then fold the fabric under each step and cut the excess material. Continue stapling the carpet where you cut it. Repeat until the last step.

7. Before / After:

The view before and after: these stairs were in great need of love. There were several layers of dirt and scratches. This beautiful transformation will give it a second life, and that, done with just a small budget!

source : designsponge