How to make illuminated giant balls?

Handmade Christmas decorations have a special cachet, and they are often much nicer than those sold in shops. We are always very proud of the results when we make them ourselves.

As a general rule, the decorations we make are small and suitable for the interior of the house. Of course, it can also be made for the outdoors, but they seldom reach the proper size.

If you are looking for such decorations for your garden, for your lawn or to install in front of your house, this DIY is for you. Indeed, you will be delighted to be able to manufacture by yourself illuminated giant balls.

They are very easy to make and the required material is cheap, and rest assured they will be a hit, no matter where you put them. All passers-by will stop to admire your creation! Do not be surprised if some people knock on the door and ask you where you got these beautiful bright balls …  image: christmaslightset

1. Hardware, accessories and tools required:

To make these beautiful giant Christmas balls, you will obviously need to get the necessary equipment. From the outset, rest assured, you will not have to spend a fortune.

You will need to buy chicken wire, self-locking plastic fasteners, commonly known as Tie Wraps or Ty-Raps, as well as outdoor light sets of different colors. Also, consider gloves and a pair of pliers.

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2. Cutting the chicken wire:

As a precaution, and to avoid injury, first put on a pair of gloves. Then, with a pair of pliers, cut the chicken wire at the desired length for the size of the ball you want to get.

If you plan to do more than one ball, which would be really beautiful on your lawn or in front of your house, you will have to cut several lengths.

3. Ball formation:

Once the chicken wire is cut, take one piece. Work it a little by folding it, and then give it a cylinder shape.

Now bring both ends back together to get it as round as a ball as possible. Tie them with chicken wire that you will have cut. If necessary, and to make the balls rounder, use longer pieces of wire to attach them.

4. Illumination of the balls:

You have now arrived at the last step, which is to illuminate the giant Christmas balls.

To do this, wrap wires of lights around the balls, passing them through in all directions, and crisscrossing them all over.

Then tie your lights with self-locking ties or Ty-Raps.

5. Install them in the garden or on the front lawn:

Take your balls of light outside, place them in the garden, on the lawn or elsewhere and connect the lights.

6. Here’s how to do it on video: