This mini-house on wheels of only 200 ft² is surprising… wait to until you see the bedroom!

Mini wheelhouses attract more and more people: a lot of people are serious about getting one to live in permanently. Nevertheless, to live in such a small space, one must really be determined and willing to keep only the essentials.

The model we present to you is only 200 square feet (18.5 m²), so imagine how tight the rooms can be. We can not imagine living with another person in such a small house.

Yet, at first glance, we fall in love with this little house on wheels. When a house is flirtatious from the outside, regardless of its size, it is likely to be the same inside too.

A virtual visit makes us discover a warm, welcoming and functional house. With a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a loft on the second floor, it offers all the comforts and possesses everything the occupants may need.

Take a virtual trip to discover this pretty blue house on wheels…

image : moleculetinyhomes

1. Exterior view:

At first glance, seen from the outside, the mini-house is very pretty. Despite its small size, it still has a balcony surrounded by a fence.

On the front side, the front door and two windows provide a lot of daylight for the house. There are other windows on the sides and on the second floor.

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2. Living room:

Entering the house, we find ourselves directly in the living room. Very welcoming, it is nicely decorated, and very well lit by the three surrounding windows, in addition to the door.

One side of the room is furnished with a two-seater sofa and two small tables. In front, there is another small table that folds and two chairs. Just above, a flat screen TV has been installed.

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3. Kitchen:

At the other end of the house, we find the kitchen, which is fully functional. It has a large refrigerator, a microwave and a small oven that sits on the counter.

In terms of storage space, it is not lacking since the room has several cabinets and drawers. The double sink allows enough space for preparing meals, and may also contain the coffee maker. At the countertop, there is a small table on wheels that can also be used for extra storage.

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4. Staircase and storage:

Between the kitchen and the living room, a wooden staircase leads to the second floor. We note that each of the steps has been designed to open and fall back. So you can store a lot of things to unclutter the house.

Unlike some mini-home models where you have to use a ladder to get to the second floor, it is equipped with a ramp. The staircase is therefore completely safe.

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5. Bedroom:

The spacious bedroom can easily hold a double bed and two small bedside tables. On these tables, we even thought to put flower pots, which adds a little decorative touch, in addition to a sign with the word “Welcome”.

The sloping roof does not interfere with natural light, as the room has three windows, one of which is just above the bed. As for the other two, located on each side, their height equal to the bed provides a superb exterior view.

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6. Bathroom:

The bathroom is under the stairs, between the kitchen and the living room. Despite the narrowness of the room, it still has everything you need for hygiene, starting with a toilet.

It also includes a cabinet for storage, which supports the sink. The cabinet just above can hold all bathroom accessories and serve as a pharmacy. Although we do not see it on the photo, there surely is a small shower.

source: tinyhometour – image : moleculetinyhomes