She Purchases A Discount Curtain Rod And Redecorates Her House… An Inexpensive Project!

We are not all gifted, unfortunately, when the time comes to decorate our house, and when we have great ideas, we often change our minds because it would just cost too much.

Sometimes we draw some inspiration from the ideas of others, but the result can be far from what we were hoping for. And if a decoration is pretty in a house, it might not be appropriate in ours.

Because we are looking for decorative accessories that are both original and not expensive, we almost go crazy trying to find what we want and need. Indeed, there are much simpler and affordable solutions.

With curtain rods, which are reasonably priced, you could transform your home. They will add a decorative touch in all your rooms, and will prove to be very practical for storage.

Here are 12 tips and tricks, all with rods, that will inspire you. Whether you put them in the kitchen, the living room, the children’s bedroom or the laundry room, you will be proud of the effect they will produce.

1. Backsplash:

Just below the cupboards, a large rod will allow you to hang baskets, in which you can put all the jars you use the most, such as flour, sugar, salt, pepper, etc.

This simple accessory, on top of being practical, will add a decorative touch to the backsplash. And if the latter begins to age, the imperfections will be concealed behind the baskets.

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2. Reading corner:

To store magazines and books, a double rod will fit perfectly. It will however be necessary to make a small modification, by simply sewing a piece of fabric on the two rods.

And if you attach two double rods one below the other, you’ll even get more book space. Install this bracket in the child’s room, and you will always have the books ready for reading before sleep.

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3. Fireplace:

To hang Christmas stockings and at the same time create an original decor, attach a curtain rod to the fireplace. Then, once the holidays are over, keep the rod in place.

It will allow you to hang various decorations, according to seasons, birthdays and holidays. For example, on Halloween, you could hang ghosts, witches and pumpkins.

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4. Pans:

If you cook a lot, you surely have several pans of different sizes. Now, these cooking utensils take up a lot of space, and they cannot all enter into the stove’s bottom drawer.

On the other hand, if you attach a curtain rod to the kitchen ceiling, you can hang several pans with small hooks, and you will always have them ready to go. In addition, your kitchen will have a very original decorative accessory.

5. Spray bottles:

To do housekeeping, we all use various products, most of which are contained in spray bottles. You just need to have 6 or 7 of them so you do not know where to store them.

On the other hand, if you install a curtain rod under the sink, you can hang all the spray bottles on it. There will be enough room underneath to store baskets that could contain dishcloths, brushes and steel wool.

6. Laundry room:

On the labels of some clothing, it is clearly indicated that they must be hung to dry. If you screw a small curtain rod on an old wooden board, you will kill two birds with one stone.

You will have a handy accessory for drying your clothes, and you will thus give a small decorative and rustic touch to your laundry room.

7. Frames:

We all love to take pictures, and even if we do not have a camera, what a joy to receive that of our children and our grandchildren. It is a pride for us to hang them, but we sometimes miss space.

On the other hand, if we fix a curtain rod on a living room wall, just above the loveseat, we can then show off our most beautiful framed pictures, which will be hooked to the rod by chains. Your living room will then turn into an art gallery.

8. Old dressers:

An old dresser always keeps its charm, but it can be made even more attractive by adding some decorations. Above it, a curtain rod is installed and a crown is hung in the center.

Two frames are then placed on each side of the crown, and decorative accessories are placed on the dresser, such as chandeliers, a wicker basket, a bedside lamp, etc.

9. Bathroom:

Very practical for a bathroom with limited space, two curtain rods fixed at an angle will hang towels using “S” hooks.

The smallest rod will be used to hang a small shelf just below the toilet, which can contain various accessories often used in the bathroom.

10. Garden corner:

If you grow several herbs, you will certainly adopt this idea. It consists of screwing 3 or 4 curtain rods on either side of a window. You then plant your herbs in metal buckets with handles.

Then, you hang three pots on each rod with “S” shaped hooks, and your plants will enjoy maximum light.

11. Coffee corner:

This brilliant idea can also be suitable for coffee breaks at work and in the kitchen. It consists of installing four small curtain rods on a wall. The first three will be used to hang the cups.

As to the fourth, which is situated near the counter, two small baskets will be suspended, which will contain the coffee pods.

12. Dining room:

If you have a large bare wall in the dining room, and do not know how to decorate it, this idea will surely please you. First, install a very large curtain rod at the top of the wall.

Then, using strings, you hang one large frame and two bigger ones. The first one will contain a picture of your family gathered together, and in the other two, you will be able to see a picture of each child.

source : hometalk